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A Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing——How to Get Start with FDM

Widely considered to be the simplest method of 3D printing, FDM is easy to use, quite efficient and widely popular. Because of its simplicity and affordability, FDM printers dominate the 3D printing market and have become the first choice for many novice 3D printing enthusiasts. In order to enable novice 3D printing users to familiarize with the FDM printing process and use QIDI’s new high-speed FDM 3D printers better, the company compiles this beginner's guide.

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QIDI Huge Build Volume

Compared with other 3D printers of the same type, QIDI MAX3 has a larger build volume, which puts forward higher requirements for the materials used and the performance of the machine. The larger build size can also meet the user's printing needs for large-scale models, providing more possibilities for 3D printing.

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QIDI New Filaments

Recently, QIDI TECH has improved PLA and ABS, two commonly used 3D printing materials, to provide customers with a higher quality printing experience. In addition, QIDI also launched three high-performance filaments PETG-Tough, ABS-GF25 and PET-CF to meet the needs of 3D printing under more harsh conditions.

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