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2022 new model, specially designed for printing carbon fiber & nylon.


• Printing area: 300x250x300mm

• Double gear all metal extruder

• Filament sealed box

• BL Touch auto-leveling


The most competitive 3d printer of Qidi


• Retractable dual extruder, compatible with 2-color printing, filaments + filaments support printing.

• Super large printing area: 330x250x320mm

• High speed printing


  • X-Max -- A highly acclaimed 3d printer

high-temp single extruder, high precision,

large print size: 300x250x300mm,

5 Inch touchscreen, WiFi connection

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  • X-Plus, a cost-effective 3d printer

high-temp extruder, high precision,

large print size: 270x200x200mm

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  • I-Mates, a beginner-friendly 3d printer

0.4mm extruder + 0.2mm hot-end, all metal frame, fully closed structure, print size: 260x200x200mm

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Qidi Technology, make your unprecedented ideas come true.

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