Qidi Tech S-White Support Filament

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    Product Details

    Qidi S-White Support Filament

    Diameter: 1.75mm

    Color: White

    Weight: 1kg

    Function: As a support filament for carbon fiber (PA12-CF)

    • 【Smart Adhesion Technology】QIDI S-WHITE can provide a moderate bond strength to the main material such as PA12-CF, ensures that the main material can be molded to the support surface and can be easily separated from the support surface when the printing is done.
    • 【Quick Remove Technology】QIDI S-WHITE has significantly reduced its own interlayer bond strength through improvements, and can be easily teared apart during removal process.
    • 【ECO Friendly】No water or solvents required during use. QIDI S-WHITE will not produce water pollution, and is safe and environmentally friendly.


    Recommend Printing Parameters

    Extruder Temperature: 280-300℃
     Print Speed: 30-90 mm/s
    Bed Temperature: 40-80℃
    Bed: PEI Film or Coating with PVP Glue
    Fan: Off


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