Qidi I-Mates, all metal frame 3d printer

Qidi I-Mates, all metal frame 3d printer

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I-mates 3d printer

Technology: FDM

Support Material: PLA,ABS,TPU,PETG,etc

Extruder: 0.4mm Extruder, 0.2mm Hot-End

Printing Size: 10.24''(L)x7.87''(W)x7.87''(H)

QIDI Technology has been committed to the development of high-quality, high-performance 3d printers. As a consumer-level mid-to-high-end leader, we launch 3-4 types of new model 3d printers every year. The Qidi new i-series will be officially released in 2021, representing more advanced technology and pursuing the ultimate user experience!


Machine Size582(L)*465(W)*435(H)mm
Print Size260*200*200mm
Print Accuracy±0.1mm
Print Speed30-150mm/s
Extruder QuantityExisting extruder + Additional hot-end
Extruder Temp250℃
Nozzle Diameter0.4mm+0.2mm
SupportWindows 64 bit/Mac
Connection OptionsWIFI/USB Pen Drive
Support MaterialPLA, ABS, TPU, PETG...
Compatible SoftwareQidiPrint/Cura/Simplify 3D

Overall Metal Frame
The overall metal frame and the printing platform weight reaches about 13.58 kg, which is different from the DIY assembly structure, i-mate X,Y axis keep running the print model horizontally. The z-axis structure gradually drops under the control of the program. Print with large-size model,it will be more accurate and not shaken.The platform is more stable.

Newly Developed Extruder
Besides the 0.4mm extruder, the Qidi i mates 3d printer adopts one set of 0.2mm extruder which makes the printing details better.

Constant Temperature Cycle
The front door, top cover makes Qidi i mates 3d printer in a closed environment, has the function of constant temperature cycle.

Pull Rod Filament Spool Holder
Qidi Tech's exclusive design of the pull rod filament spool holder can make the filament feeding and printing more smoothly, and it is also more convenient to watch the filament usage.

Magnetic Printing Platform
Magnetic printing platform is equipped with 9 pieces of special high temperature magnets and a special metal panel. After printing, you can easily move the platform panel and take off the model by bending the panel. This innovation is well welcomed by amazon users.

Latest Generation Slicing Software
Qidi Tech latest generation slicing software version 6.2.2: Redesigned UI interface of Qidi Print software is more convenient to operate. It has been changed the software's slicing algorithm and improves the print quality by 30 percent and speed by 20 percent. The Qidi Print software compatible with all types of Qidi Tech 3d printers, life-time free, an alternative to paid software.

Table header 0i-matesi-fast
TechnologyFused Deposition ModelingFused Deposition Modeling
Build Volume10.24''x7.87''x7.87''(260x200x200mm)14.17‘’x9.84‘’x12.60''(360×250×320mm)
Filament TypesPLA,ABS,TPU,PETG,etcPLA,ABS,TPU,PETG,Nylon,PC,Carbon fiber,PVA,etc
Platform SupportSingle Z axisDouble Z axis
Extruder Configuration1 set of 0.4mm extruder, 1 set of 0.2mm hot-endDual extruder &High Temperature Extruder
Printing Plateheated, removable plateheated, removable plate
Support1-Year with Infinite Customer Support2-Year with Infinite Customer Support
Printing ExtruderSingle ExtruderDual Extruder
Filament runout sensor